Saturday, May 6, 2017


 Captain Stormalong is an American Folk Hero. Described by Wikipedia as: a sailor and a giant, some 30 feet (9.1 m) tall; he was the master of a huge clipper ship known in various sources as either the Courser or the Tuscarora, a ship purportedly so tall that it had hinged masts to avoid catching on the moon.

I'd never heard of this particular character, until I saw a drawing of him by Keith Howell. As such, when I later got the idea to revamp the character myself, I called Keith for a commission.

My idea was to set his stories in the far future, Stormalong, whose height and strength are the result of genetic engineering, is a former Captain in the official "star fleet" of the galaxy, who retired and bought his how ship and is now a space pirate. And thus we'd follow his adventures, along with his mostly-alien crew, as they explore, and scavenge, the galaxy. I envision this as a series aimed more at children.

I may have been a bit lazy in my "creation" of this version of the character, as I think I didn't give Keith much direction, just said something like "draw Stormalong in some kind of space suit" and, boom! This is what he came up with.