Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I'm not sure exactly how this came about. I've had several discussions with one of my friends about how Superman is probably Jewish, if you look at his creators and their motivations for creating him. And then I imagined what if little baby Kal-El landed in Israel, instead of Smallville, and was found and raised by an Orthodox Jewish couple? And then I came up with Samson.

I knew I wanted him to be drawn as very muscular, as his greatest power is his strength, just like the Biblical Samson. I wanted him to have the long hair, including braids, and long beard of adult Orthodox Jewish men. I came up with the color-scheme of white and blue for his suit, as that's the colors of the Israeli flag, but I wanted to avoid putting the Star of David on his chest. That seemed to stereotypical. So I came up with the idea of a lion's head as his symbol, like the Lion of Judah.

The first images I got were from Celina Hernandez.

I then contacted Daggerpoint for a black and white commission:

And then the amazing Keith Howell came up with this:

And then one day my friend Aris drew this, for free, and posted it on his Facebook:

Truthfully, I've yet to come up with much of background for Samson yet. I'm not actually going to steal Superman's origin for him. I just know that he officially works for the Israeli government in defense of the nation (the Palestinians aren't gonna mess with this guy).