Monday, May 8, 2017


This is a follow-up from Saturday's post about STARSHIP CAPTAIN STORMALONG.

When giving some thought to Stormalong's crew, I thought I'd update another old folks hero, to serve as Stormalong's First Mate. I chose JOHN HENRY. And thus I contacted Keith Howell to draw a sci-fi version of John Henry. Once again, I don't believe that I gave Keith much instructions, beyond requesting that Henry by drawn with an afro. I just thought it was an interesting detail that this character set in the far future would have this retro hair style.

Explaining that this character was meant to be Stormalong's First Mate, I was impressed with the design that Keith came up with, retaining the same insignia on his uniform, which is a different color than Stormalong's. And he got the afro just right. As always, the man does excellent work.

I never got around to creating the rest of the crew, I just know that they'd all be aliens. I envision the cook as a big fat green dude, but that's as far as I've gotten.