Saturday, January 28, 2017


Lost Sunday I posted about the development of my original superhero XEUS! Well now here's a new design of that character. I sent the images I had before to KEITH HOWELL. I believe that I told him that I wanted him to make the crossed lightning bolts on his chest bigger, looking more like an X, which is something I felt none of the previous artists captured quite right, and that other than that, he was free to make any alterations to the costume that he felt like making. I didn't really expect him to do anything, but I've learned from previous work with Keith that it's best to let him know that he has whatever latitude he wants, because this isn't a artist that you ever want to hold himself back.

And boy did he come through!

I wasn't expecting all that. Certainly not the "simple" design that I envisioned, but how can complain about that image? So when I posted this on Facebook along with the previous images, I referred to it as Xeus' "summer outfit."

It kinda make sense, doesn't it? I mean, why would a superhero have to wear the same exact costume all the time? Wouldn't they want to mix it up every now and then?

And one thing, a small detail but it's significant to me, is that he removed the mustache from the goatee, for some reason I feel that just really fits the character, as I imagine him to be. So all future drawings I'd get of this character, even in the original outfit, I will request the mustache-less beard.

When I decided to commission JOSHUA COVEY for some images of Xeus, I asked for one in the original costume, seen in the previous post, and also one in Keith's design:

Okay, he got the bare arms wrong, but still, great stuff!