Thursday, January 26, 2017


The above image is not a commission of mine. This is one of many images I saw of an artist named JOSHUA COVEY, whom I discovered on Deviant Art years ago (he's no longer on it but you can see his work on Instagram and Smoothfolio). I really love his style and, as such, whenever he opened calls for commissions, I would try to take advantage of it. I believe the following is one of my first commissions from him. I created a science fiction character, meant to be a Chinese woman. So, seeing the above image that Joshua did, I asked for one similar to that. I said a Chinese woman in a smilar space-suit, blowing bubble gum inside her helmet (I don't recall why I suggested that). He sent me this"

And that was great...except I wasn't expecting him to draw her with such big breasts. I mean, let's get real, how many Chinese women do you ever see with natural breasts that big? And the character I had in mind wouldn't be someone who ever feel the need to get breast implants. So it didn't quite work for what I have in mind. But I still love the image. Again, Covey's artwork is awesome. So I figured that this could be a different character. Thus when Covey asked me if I'd like him to color it in, I told him to color her skin light brown. The character can still be "Asian", but maybe she's East-Indian or Filipino or Cambodian? So here we go:
I never did come up with a story or background (or name) for this character. But I felt it's worth showing off. So, for now, just "Space Babe."