Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I've always loved time travel stories. I think it all started with the short-lived 1982 TV series VOYAGERS! I was a very wee lad at the time, and this quickly become one of my favorite shows. Or it may have started with an viewing of the 1960 film THE TIME MACHINE. I don't recall which I saw first, but it was probably one of those, I just know I've loved time travel stories for as long as I can remember.

This was an idea I once came up with for a TV series, which would be a James Bond As A Time Traveler concept. Set in some undated point in the future, Nick (no last name given) was a special agents for an organization called Temporal Investigations and Municipal Enforcement.

So he's Nick, of T.I.M.E. Get it?

Yeah, yeah, I like silly puns.

Admittedly, the basic concept isn't much different than older TV series like Voyagers, or Quantum Leap, or modern ones such as Travelers and Timeless, not to mention Doctor Who, of course, where people travel through time in order stop others from traveling through in order to change history. The main difference was supposed to come from the lead character himself. As I said, he was meant to be a James Bond-type, a suave and skilled ladies man, and we'd see him romancing various women in different eras, often causing more trouble than he was there to solve.

I worked out the basic plot of the first episode, as Nick is tasked to stop a crazy man who traveled back in time to kill his own grandmother when she was a young woman, thereby stopping himself from ever being born (this is new form of "suicide" that people do in the future). In a sort-of Terminator-esq twist, Nick would sleep with the woman, unknowingly getting her pregnant and thereby becoming the bad guy's grandfather.

I commissioned KEITH HOWELL for an image, I said I wanted a White man in a tux, with his arm around a sex Black woman (no one cares about race in the future). Keith added the clock in the background (nice touch) and having the man holding up the gadget (presumably the device used for time travel).

I still like this basic idea, but if I were to revisit it today I think I'd need to work a little harder to make it more unique.