Friday, January 27, 2017



These two photos (both taken by Jesse Walker of Walker1812 Photography)are of my longtime online friend Anna Young, the co-owner of the comic-book/collectibles store GODS & MONSTERS in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to being a gorgeous model, smart businesswoman, and talented artist, years ago she was also the inspiration for a character named Lygeia that the legendary George Perez created for his creator-owned series CRIMSON PLAGUE (unfortunately, I can't find any decent scans of said character to share here).

I had the idea of basing a comic or fantasy character on her, as well. Taking the above images as inspiration, combined with her former screen-name, Inanna Maiya, I commissioned three different artists to draw her in this outfit.




Great work from all. But, man, Chad really nailed it. He's the "winner" of this particular task.

However I never did come up with a background and story for this character, as I later came up with an entirely different idea for a story based on Anna. I shall post that at a later date...