Friday, May 19, 2017


This character was created in tandem with SAMSON. He needed an arch-enemy and this was the most obvious name to use. Like him, she's an Orthodox Jew (hence, why she's wearing a full body suit, not showing any skin, or even the hair on her head), and has his same powers (super-strength, speed, and invulnerability). And I want to play her more like an anti-hero than an out-right villain.

The idea is that, like Samson, she was originally a superhero working in defense of Israel.  Eventually, she came to the inclusion that the best way for her to defend Israel would be for her to take it over and run the country herself. She also has a Scorched Earth/No Mercy policy towards any of Israel's real or perceived enemies. This puts her at odd with Samson, hence their opposition.

I got this image from CELINA HERNANDEZ

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I'm not sure exactly how this came about. I've had several discussions with one of my friends about how Superman is probably Jewish, if you look at his creators and their motivations for creating him. And then I imagined what if little baby Kal-El landed in Israel, instead of Smallville, and was found and raised by an Orthodox Jewish couple? And then I came up with Samson.

I knew I wanted him to be drawn as very muscular, as his greatest power is his strength, just like the Biblical Samson. I wanted him to have the long hair, including braids, and long beard of adult Orthodox Jewish men. I came up with the color-scheme of white and blue for his suit, as that's the colors of the Israeli flag, but I wanted to avoid putting the Star of David on his chest. That seemed to stereotypical. So I came up with the idea of a lion's head as his symbol, like the Lion of Judah.

The first images I got were from Celina Hernandez.

I then contacted Daggerpoint for a black and white commission:

And then the amazing Keith Howell came up with this:

And then one day my friend Aris drew this, for free, and posted it on his Facebook:

Truthfully, I've yet to come up with much of background for Samson yet. I'm not actually going to steal Superman's origin for him. I just know that he officially works for the Israeli government in defense of the nation (the Palestinians aren't gonna mess with this guy). 

Monday, May 15, 2017


This is an idea for a new superhero. She can fly, thanks to her wings which she can manifest at will, she has superhuman strength and is near-invulnerable. She also had some advance mental abilities, telepathy and being able to sense people's emotions. And most importantly, she has a flaming sword which can cut through anything.

The "twist" of this character is that, for as long as possible, I would keep her origin and true nature ambiguous. I'm thinking back to the way Mark Millar originally wrote Ultimate Thor, in that she claims to be an actual angel, from Heaven, but most people just assume that she is some kind of super-human and the whole "Angel" thing is just an act.

So is she really an Angel or not?

Honestly, I haven't figured that out yet. But I'm thinking that in an ongoing series it could be fun to drop hints and leave that for the readers to decide.

This awesome image is from the Sensational Celina Hernandez.

Monday, May 8, 2017


This is a follow-up from Saturday's post about STARSHIP CAPTAIN STORMALONG.

When giving some thought to Stormalong's crew, I thought I'd update another old folks hero, to serve as Stormalong's First Mate. I chose JOHN HENRY. And thus I contacted Keith Howell to draw a sci-fi version of John Henry. Once again, I don't believe that I gave Keith much instructions, beyond requesting that Henry by drawn with an afro. I just thought it was an interesting detail that this character set in the far future would have this retro hair style.

Explaining that this character was meant to be Stormalong's First Mate, I was impressed with the design that Keith came up with, retaining the same insignia on his uniform, which is a different color than Stormalong's. And he got the afro just right. As always, the man does excellent work.

I never got around to creating the rest of the crew, I just know that they'd all be aliens. I envision the cook as a big fat green dude, but that's as far as I've gotten.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


 Captain Stormalong is an American Folk Hero. Described by Wikipedia as: a sailor and a giant, some 30 feet (9.1 m) tall; he was the master of a huge clipper ship known in various sources as either the Courser or the Tuscarora, a ship purportedly so tall that it had hinged masts to avoid catching on the moon.

I'd never heard of this particular character, until I saw a drawing of him by Keith Howell. As such, when I later got the idea to revamp the character myself, I called Keith for a commission.

My idea was to set his stories in the far future, Stormalong, whose height and strength are the result of genetic engineering, is a former Captain in the official "star fleet" of the galaxy, who retired and bought his how ship and is now a space pirate. And thus we'd follow his adventures, along with his mostly-alien crew, as they explore, and scavenge, the galaxy. I envision this as a series aimed more at children.

I may have been a bit lazy in my "creation" of this version of the character, as I think I didn't give Keith much direction, just said something like "draw Stormalong in some kind of space suit" and, boom! This is what he came up with. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Lost Sunday I posted about the development of my original superhero XEUS! Well now here's a new design of that character. I sent the images I had before to KEITH HOWELL. I believe that I told him that I wanted him to make the crossed lightning bolts on his chest bigger, looking more like an X, which is something I felt none of the previous artists captured quite right, and that other than that, he was free to make any alterations to the costume that he felt like making. I didn't really expect him to do anything, but I've learned from previous work with Keith that it's best to let him know that he has whatever latitude he wants, because this isn't a artist that you ever want to hold himself back.

And boy did he come through!

I wasn't expecting all that. Certainly not the "simple" design that I envisioned, but how can complain about that image? So when I posted this on Facebook along with the previous images, I referred to it as Xeus' "summer outfit."

It kinda make sense, doesn't it? I mean, why would a superhero have to wear the same exact costume all the time? Wouldn't they want to mix it up every now and then?

And one thing, a small detail but it's significant to me, is that he removed the mustache from the goatee, for some reason I feel that just really fits the character, as I imagine him to be. So all future drawings I'd get of this character, even in the original outfit, I will request the mustache-less beard.

When I decided to commission JOSHUA COVEY for some images of Xeus, I asked for one in the original costume, seen in the previous post, and also one in Keith's design:

Okay, he got the bare arms wrong, but still, great stuff!

Friday, January 27, 2017



These two photos (both taken by Jesse Walker of Walker1812 Photography)are of my longtime online friend Anna Young, the co-owner of the comic-book/collectibles store GODS & MONSTERS in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to being a gorgeous model, smart businesswoman, and talented artist, years ago she was also the inspiration for a character named Lygeia that the legendary George Perez created for his creator-owned series CRIMSON PLAGUE (unfortunately, I can't find any decent scans of said character to share here).

I had the idea of basing a comic or fantasy character on her, as well. Taking the above images as inspiration, combined with her former screen-name, Inanna Maiya, I commissioned three different artists to draw her in this outfit.




Great work from all. But, man, Chad really nailed it. He's the "winner" of this particular task.

However I never did come up with a background and story for this character, as I later came up with an entirely different idea for a story based on Anna. I shall post that at a later date...